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September 2015: More Lit Trip Updates Posted!

Fifteen Poets | Author Homes | Sugar Changed the World | Travels with Marco Polo |Buddenbrooks | Blood Meridian | Narrative and Captivity of Mary Rowlandson
Ansel Adams Made Me A Better Teacher

August 2015: More Lit Trip Updates Posted!

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants | Magic Eyes: I Spy New Zealand History

Blood on the River | Chasing Lincoln’s Killer | Bonyo Bonyo | Jack London State Historic Park

Paddle-to-the-Sea | Seaman | Hard Gold

July 2015: More Lit Trip Updates Posted!

Things that Must Not Be Forgotten | The Aeneid

June 2015: More Lit Trip Updates Posted!

My Brother Sam is Dead | Remote Man

May 2015: More Lit Trip Updates Posted!

Possum Magic | Flesh & Blood So Cheap | The Yellow Balloon

The Brother’s War: Civil War Voices | Candide | Frankenstein | Are We There Yet

Hana’s SuitcaseThe Odyssey (Greece Centric version) | The Odyssey (Mediteranean-Wide version)

Journey to Topaz | The Kite Runner | Lost! | Marching for Freedom | Night

A Family Apart | A Small Dog’s Life | A Walk in London | Abuela | Amy’s Travels

Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl | Big Anthony: His Story | Brothers in Hope

By the Great Hornspoon | Esperanza Rising | Fever 1793 | Flotsam

Going Home Going Home | Make Way for Ducklings | Number the Stars | Pedro’s Journal

Riding Freedom | Sam Patch: Daredevil Jumper | The Slave Dancer

The Armadillo From Amarillo | The Grapes of Wrath | The Watsons Go to Birmingham 1963

Walk Two Moons | We All Went on Safari

Recent Additions to the Google Lit Trips Library

The Armadillo From Amarillo by Lynne Cherry

“When an armadillo named Sasparillo wants to know where on earth he is, he leaves his home in San Antonio and travels north through the canyons and prairies of Texas. In Amarillo he meets an eagle and, with her help, finds the answer to his question.”

Things That Must Not Be Forgotten by Michael David Kwan

This unique Lit Trip for Michael David Kwan’s memoir, Things That Must Not Be Forgotten was developed by the author’s son Nick Kwan. Nick Kwan blends elements of his father’s book with his own discoveries about his family as he searched for the world his father grew up in as a child in China.

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